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Are you visible? Do you have the right tools and ways to stay on the market?

Get in touch and we will figure out what it takes. If it is a webshop, a new marketing approach, bigger or smaller communication tools, or just a change of llok and feel adapted to the world of today – let’s talk.

vlas+mannen helps you to stay or get back on track.
Building your business  and helping to push your sales.


Years of experience as creative lead in EMEA, worldwide and various countries like France, Germany and the Netherlands. Developing and implementing campaigns locally, regionally and worldwide for agencies like Ogilvy, Paris, Grey Direct Düsseldorf as well as for companies in Europe.

Creation that sells

Diving deep into your problems, demands and wishes. Developing the right and creative idea that helps you to reach your goal.


No matter whether you need a fully integrated campaign, your corporate design developed, a website, a new logo or just a business card – good design is all that matters to get your message across.

Creative Strategy

You know what you want but not how to get there? Good creation is not a matter of money, but how you spend it.


As loud as needed, as beautiful as possible. No bulls**t, but solutions which match your budget and timeline.
No “l’art pour l’art” but creative solutions that work.

Generating Ideas.
Solving Big and small  Problems

countless succesful Projects

Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

ideas – and only the best are used


There is much more to show, but this is to give an impression of succesfully completed projects, produced for clients of vlas+mannen and agencies like Ogilvy Paris, Grey Direct Düsseldorf.

Some Clients from past and present

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Awards? Awards!

– Bronze Banner Ad Award in the Horizon Interactive Awards
– Cable Awards New York
– DDP (Deutscher Dialogmarketingpreis)
– “Freccia d’Argento” of the “AssoDirect” Direct Marketing Associati
– IAC Web Award Best Small Business Microsite/landing page
– Intermedia Globe Silver Award at the World Media Festival
– Nippon award Japan
– Strategies Paris


For over 5 years I had the pleasure to collaborate with Pepijn. He was the regional CD (Europe) on the DM side on the IBM account. To put it short. He knows his stuff. And he’s a great guy both at work and outside of work.

Tore Claesson

Creative Director at Chinabridge Solutions

Pepijn is a highly experienced creative director that pushes ideas, demands respect… and deserves it. He has high expectations of his team, his colleagues and his clients – but is never overbearing or arrogant. In short, he’s a good guy to know, a great guy to hire… and a bad guy to be up against in a pitch.

Justin Steed

Freelance Copywriter in France and Sweden

I have worked with Pepijn on a major European 360 advertising campaign brief, and I was very happy the way he managed it. He is always looking for the big idea before thinking about media channels, and he knows how to work with other disciplines in an integrated way. Pepijn is also very reliable and will do everything to deliver the best work on time and top quality. He also helped with some projects we had in Russia, and was able to step in and work with the local creative team effectively, giving them good directions and motivation to deliver the best creative work.

Chloe Giessner

Directrice de la Communication Produits et Marque Laboratoires Boiron

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